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For those that are wondering what Rosh Hashanah is and how to observe it, I recommend this great resource from

Rosh-Hashanah_1024-768Rosh Hashanah – The Jewish New Year

In traditional Judaism, Rosh Hashanah (lit. “the head of the year”) is celebrated as Jewish New Years Day. The holiday is observed on the first two days of the Hebrew month of Tishri (i.e., the seventh “new moon”of the year), which usually falls in September or October, and marks the beginning of a ten-day period of prayer, self-examination and repentance (aseret yemei teshuvah), which culminates on the fast day of Yom Kippur. These ten days are referred to as Yamim Norai’m (יָמִים נוֹרָאִים), the “Days of Awe,” or the High Holy Days. Rosh Hashanah also commemorates the creation of the universe (בְּרִיאַת הָעוֹלָם) by God.

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