“The Paganization of Western Culture” | Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Idolatryfrom Oxford University Chabad Society

Yes, contemporary Western culture is a pagan culture. It is ruled by the gods of olden time, only with new names and different images. The first is the god of power – formerly known as Baal (literally: “owner”) – who sometimes appears in a slightly different form as Mammon, the god of money. Another such god is Ashtoreth (Astarte or Ishtar), the goddess of sex and fertility. In our time, though, it is no longer the goddess of fertility but only of pure sex.

Yet another god, perhaps promoted from a mere muse to a full-fledged deity, is Calliope, who is now the ruler of the craving for fame. People may want money in order to obtain material goods; they may want sex for amusement, sometimes even for procreation. But Fame is now a thing in itself; it is a certain addiction. What does the relatively new term “Celebrity” mean? It means that one is a well-known nothing. And the more one is well-known, the less people care who and what one is; it does not matter. Indeed, so many young girls and boys want to be film stars – not because they wish to be beautiful or powerful, but because they want to be known all over the world.

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