Should Gentiles Keep Torah?| Ron Cantor

Ron Cantor wrote a series of blogs on the subject of “Should Gentiles Keep Torah?”. Below are links for each of the four installments.

….there are some congregations that teach that God’s perfect plan is that the Gentiles also keep the ceremonial aspects of Torah, however mainstream Messianic Judaism and Messianic Jewish leaders reject this. Those who do teach this are part of the ‘One Law’ movement. While I do believe there is freedom for any believer to keep the entire Torah, it is not required. Let’s take a look at the word of God.

Should Gentiles Keep Torah?

Should Gentiles Keep Torah? [Part ll]

Jews, Gentiles, and Law III — 20 Points Why Gentiles are not Called to Keep Torah

Jews, Gentiles and the Torah Part IV — Point 12-20

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