C.H. Spurgeon, The People’s Preacher | Film Review

ch-spurgeon-the-people-s-preacher-docu-drama-dvdCharles Haddon Spurgeon is remembered as the “Prince of Preachers”. An examination of the life and ministry of this saint of God leads one to quickly understand why. In the remarkable video, C.H. Spurgeon, The People’s Preacher, produced by Christian Television Association in England, distributed by Vision Video in America and provided to me by Fish Flix.com, one gets a wonderful look into the life and ministry of the humble pastor. I may be biased as I review this film because I have long loved Spurgeon for many, many years. Nevertheless, this video is a must see for every believer.

From his birth in Kelverton, England to his conversion at age 15 in a small Methodist church, to his pastorate of the great Metropolitan Tabernacle, to the troubling and taxing Downgrade controversy to his untimely passing, this film gives an accurate and faithful story of his life and ministry.

From early childhood, Spurgeon was quite influential and God’s calling upon him was surely evident even then. He came from a long line of preachers and was greatly influence by his godly parents; his father being a preacher as well. This film accurately portrays the heart of Spurgeon and his driven mandate to reach people with the saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The film itself is tremendous with direct quotes from Spurgeon narrated by English actors. The location scenes are splendid as they take us to locales in England, Scotland, France and Germany, where Spurgeon lived, worshipped and preached.  Actor Stephen Daltry’s role of Spurgeon is humbling and uplifting; portraying him from conversion to his passing and doing so with an obvious devotion to accuracy and humility.

I am greatly impressed by the efforts the film makers took in being historically accurate. The producer’s commitment to research and to accurately document the life and ministry of the great preacher is quite evident. The film itself is a wonderful cinematic experience, especially as the host Andy Harrison walks us through the years of Spurgeon and takes us to many of the exact locations and even structures where he lived and ministered.

The photos, the locales, the film quality and even the musical score are excellent and will greatly bless the viewer. As this film shows, C.H. Spurgeon was a gifted orator and an influential leader of his time, but most importantly it portrays him as a man burdened by many issues, including health issues that weighed on him heavily. However through it all, Spurgeon remained faithful through it all and gave all the glory to the Father.

For many of us preachers, Spurgeon has been a great influence to us theologically and in our preaching. The life and work of C.H. Spurgeon are great treasures and will go on for many generations to come as an example of dedication, humility and service.

How glorious it would be to visit the actual places where Spurgeon lived and ministered. For some of us, that may not be possible. This film will serve as a great alternative, and will visually and mentally allow us to experience the great preacher’s life.

C.H. Spurgeon, The People’s Preacher is a film that I will keep in my video library till the Lord comes and it is one that I enthusiastically endorse and recommend to you and your family.


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