Thank You Dear Brother….

I have experienced another change of season, if you will, in my life. One chapter ends, another begins. After 15 years and over 1500 broadcasts, we recently recorded the final episode of On Call with Dr. Edney.

These things are so bittersweet. Bitter that a relationship that I have had with this good man, Dr. Dan Edney, is changing. Sweet in that God will be opening other doors of service. The practical reasons the show is ending is that the demand of our personal and work schedules is making it a greater challenge to have the time to record the weekly broadcast. Dr. Edneys always active medical practice, family obligations and ministry work take a great of time. The work load for my day job will soon be greatly increasing and I also hope to revive my old radio program as a weekly podcast. So we saw this as a time to move on.

But I wanted to stop and share a few thought s about this man, Dr Edney, or Danny as I call him. He has been more than just a friend and a coworker. He is and has been a brother. We have been through so much together; some good, some bad. He has always been there for me through thick and thin either with some sort of tangible support or many times, with just a kind word or two of encouragement.

What most people don’t know is that when the radio station faltered and eventually closed, I owed a significant debt on it. Without hesitation, Danny said that we would take moneys from the profit of the On Call program to pay towards the debt of the radio station. It took a few years, but we eventually paid it off and I am eternally grateful for his generosity.

But hasn’t been just business. There have been many time when he helped me out of jams and problems and he did so as a gracious friend and brother, always with love kindness. I have one younger brother and I love him dearly, but Danny Edney has been a brother to me as well. I will miss our times together in the studio and away; our exchanges in conversation, both heated and calm. But I always know that he is just a call of text away and that I can reach out to him at any time.

Thank you brother for all you have done. Thank you for being my brother.

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