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Thanks KLIC | Shalom uvracha…Peace and Blessings

I’m saddened to tell everyone, especially in the Monroe, Louisiana area, that January 30, 2013 will be the last episode of The Mike Corley Program on KLIC 1230 AM in Monroe. I received notice from the current station leadership that the station is being sold and the new owners will be changing formats. I was a little shocked to hear the news as I’m some of the KLIC staff must have been as well. But, these things happen in radio and I am extremely grateful to Media Ministries, the owner of KLIC, for allowing us to be a part of their programming; and most people don’t know this, but KLIC carried our program, twice each weekend, for free. They were very gracious and we are very thankful and wish them well.

However, this leaves our program without an outlet in that area and it is especially important to me because that is part of where I grew up, went to school and have many friends and family members.

So I would like to ask a favor. If you’re in the Monroe, LA area, and you like The Mike Corley Program, take just a few seconds and email me with the call letters of a station in that area that you think may be interested and willing to carry the program. I will be doing the same. My email address is

Meanwhile the broadcast is still available online through and through Face book and Twitter.
Also pray with us that the Lord will give us direction as to how to proceed.

Thank you so much, and Baruch HaShem (Bless the L-rd).

Getting back into the swing of things!

After taking a much needed break from my broadcast and writing chores, I am getting back on the horse this week, taping new episodes of The Mike Corley Program and On Call with Dr. Dan Edney.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future programs, or have topics or issues you would like discussed, EMAIL THEM TO  ME NOW! My email address is

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Wake Up America!

I’ve given a title to my two cents/bullet points and I think it says it all. WAKE UP DANG IT!


World Net Daily-New York Representative and tax cheat  Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., has introduced legislation that would reinstate a compulsory military draft during war time and require U.S. citizens not selected for military duty to perform a "national service obligation" – as defined by President Obama – for a minimum of two years. Rangel introduced the Universal National Service Act, or H.R. 5741 on July 15. The measure was referred to the House Armed Services’ Subcommittee on Military Personnel on July 23. A thief wanting us to serve a communist…only in America?

World Net Daily– Communist-in-chief and coward Barack Obama ,the honorary chairman of the Boy Scouts of America, will not attend the group’s 100th anniversary celebration today – opting instead to appear at fundraisers and on the ABC daytime talk show, The View.  More than 43,000 Boy Scouts will celebrate the organization’s centennial Wednesday at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia. Obama has sent a videotaped message to the scouts because he plans an appearance for "The View" that day. ABC noted Obama’s appearance on the show will be the "first time in history a sitting United States president has visited a daytime talk show."  Either Obama is an idiot or one of the most clever men who has ever lived. What’s worse, is we are standing around with our fingers in our ears and letting he and his ilk ruin this nation.

Broadcasting & Cable– From the “ahhh department comes the story that Oprah is in a slump. Oprah is having one tough summer. In the week ending July 18, CBS Television Distribution’s The Oprah Winfrey Show sunk to an all-time ratings low for the third time in five weeks, dropping 13% from the prior week to a 2.8 live plus same day household average, according to Nielsen Media Research. Maybe should she have more pagans, wingnuts and wussies on her program? I  may not sleep tonight….but it won’t be because of this news.– OH NO….the Dove Wards are moving to Atlanta. The Gospel Music Association (GMA) said it was taking a “bold step” Tuesday in hosting the next Dove Awards for the first time in a place outside of Nashville. The majority of what is described as ‘mainstream Christian music’ is no different than any secular music. Whether its some ‘Christian rap’, or Signature Sound turnin somersaults for Jesus, its sometimes nothing more that plain old entertainment.

To end on some sort of positive note….Ligonier Blog has been presenting what is now an tremendous 8 part piece by John Gerstner entitled A Primer on Roman Catholicism. I would highly recommend you read all 7 parts and especially recommend it to the readers of my blog who criticize my position on the Roman church.

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New and effective ways to get the word out…

I just learned today of cool new ways to get the word out through The Expositor. I am now able to submit posts via email and have the ability to post audio messages to the blog via telephone. This technology may have been out there already but yours truly has just discovered it. So, expect to read or hear posts here that I may submit from anywhere on any subject. Of course, The Expositor is also automatically linked to Twitter and Facebook, so all posts will be available there as well. Click the icons on the left side of our page to surf directly to FB or Twitter pages. Suuuuweet!

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