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Piper Announcing Warren will be at DG Conference

What in the world is happening? Did I fall alseep and have a bad dream and just wake up? What is going through the mind of John Piper? This video from, to me via Apprising Ministries, is of John Piper announcing to a crowd that indeed Rick Warren will be speaking at the Desiring God Conference this October. I dont know whether to scream, cry or go back to bed. I will say this, it would be nice to know what John MacArthur thinks…..


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Please tell me this is a joke!

from comes this upsetting headline:

Desiring God 2010 National Conference to Feature Rick Warren

The post reads….

SharperIron has confirmed with Jonathan at Desiring God in Minneapolis that Rick Warren is among the speakers for the 2010 Desiring God National Conference. There will be more details explaining the invitation from in the near future

UPDATE: This URL will provide further information as it is available.

Please someone tell me this is a really bad joke and that John Piper is not partnering with the false prophet Warren! I know what someone of you will tell me…’Well, he promoted Mark Driscoll and even Doug Wilson!’. Even with that said, this differences involving Warren are in my opinion are vastly different in comparison to Driscoll for example.

Could there any greater differences between two ministries, two soteriologies, than Piper and Warren? As Warner Wolf would say “COME ON!”.

I will dig into this more…..

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Dr. Tom Ascol-John 3:16 Conference…Take 2

from Founders Ministries Blog

Diane Lytle alerted me in a comment that Dr. Steve Lemke has explained the purpose of the announced John 3:16 conference coming up this fall in Woodstock, Georgia. Dr. Lemke writes,

“This conference is intended as a majoritarian Southern Baptist response to the “Building Bridges” and “Together for the Gospel” conferences. The announcement of this conference has already provoked considerable buzz and speculation in the blogosphere.”

As I wrote in response to Diane, Dr. Lemke’s “majoritarian Southern Baptist” descriptor is at best ill-stated and at worst a joke perpetuated and believed only by those who refuse to deal with the implications of the fact that the majority of Southern Baptist can’t be found! If Dr. Lemke’s description turns out to be accurate, then about 60-70% of those who sign up for the conference will not even show up!

When will people who know better begin to speak honestly about “the majority of Southern Baptist?” The majority of Southern Baptists don’t care enough even to attend worship services in the church to which they belong.

I appreciate Dr. Lemke’s candor in letting us know that the conference was provoked by concern over the Building Bridges and T4G conferences (although the latter is not in any way promoted as a “Southern Baptist” event.) Based on his words, obviously the planners of the Woodstock conference believe that they will speak for the “majority” of Southern Baptists. It will be very interesting to hear what their understanding of the “majoritarian” mentality is, although it does not take much imagination to speculate on this.

Nevertheless, my hope remains that, regardless of the rationale behind it, the conference will be marked by a Christ-honoring spirit and thoughtful, helpful presentations.

Read Dr. Ascol’s first article on the John 3:16 conference…

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Questions people asked me at the True Church Conference

Among the many blessings of going to all of the conferences and meetings we have in the last 8 months, is the many people we have met. Many of them we have come to know and love very much and most of them are not what might be described as “well-known names”. People such as Grayson age 9, who was so encouraging and helpful; Judd, who always went out of his way to make sure we had what we needed. There was Derek and Leslie from Seattle, who without their help, our trip Seattle would have not been so wonderful. Then there is Lisa, and Josh, and Monika, and Steve and so many, many more.

So I thought I would share with you some of the questions, some funny, some not, that are posed to me by the curious and the searching….

Are you Mike Corley?

Are you REALLY Mike Corley?

So what do you do anyway?

So where you from?

Do you know Todd Friel?

Is Ray Comfort really as short as he looks?

(for the record, although we have met both Ray and Todd, and carry Way of the Master Radio on our radio station, we all do not hang out). 

So what is the Emergent Church?

Is it the Emergent or Emerging Church?

What do you really think of Mark Driscoll?

Didn’t I see you on TBN recently? (short answer…no.)

Are you from Ireland?

Is this where I can find the vending machines?

Can you hook me up with Paul Washer?

Can you hook me up with Jeff Noblit?

Can you hook me up with Albert Mohler?

Can you hook me up with John MacArthur?

Why do you call soft drinks pop?

Can I take you to lunch and discuss the doctrine of election?

Why do you look so much thinner in the photos?

Will you come to our church to speak?

Thank you for every question, comment and word of encouragement. It all means so much.

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Sound and Blessings from TCC 08

Mike shares his personal reflections on the recent True Church Conference. He also sharing clips from messages by Dr. David Miller, Paul Washer and Jeff Noblit, and very special music led by Tom Clay and from the choir of First Baptist Church, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, with the great contemporary hymn In Christ Alone. To purchase the audio or video of all the conference sessions, visit


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TCC 08 First Evening

The first evening of the True Church Conference was met with great holy excitement and anticipation. I spoke with many people, and overheard conversation, between folks who were so anticipating a move of the Lord. The theme of this conference is church discipline, so you would automatically equate excitement and anticipation with this subject.

But I convinced that with a proper correct biblical understanding of church discipline, one will be encouraged. For the one who truly seeks God, who desires Him more than himself, will want correction, oversight and accountability, because when the instance happens, and it will happen to some degree or another, what a joy, blessing and honor it is to have someone who cares so much for the integrity of the Word of God and for the the person who have erred, to care enough to correct them. This church is packed with people from all over the country, indeed North America, who have traveled to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, for one thing, to draw closer to the Lord. There are people here liek the three young men from New Jerset who came because they heard a Paul Washer sermon online and they want more. There are the countless pastors who knew there was something missing in their ministries, and God convicted their hearts through a Jeff Noblit sermon and they are here at The True Church, not because they seek to build great churches, but “true” churches, whether they are large ior not.

They, like myself, are blessed by the ministry of men like David Miller. who opened the conference last evening with a message on justification, and this morning Paul Washer is speaking on the topic, Reducing the Need for Discipline.

Brother Paul said in his message that we need less discipline and more preaching…because,sadly, people are faithful believers because of a lack of discipleship, but because they are not being converted. That statement should rock our hearts to the very core.

I am here at the invitation of Anchored in Truth and First Baptist Church, and its an honor to be here. But I will confess that I need this preaching and ministry I think, more than anyone here.

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