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Challenging Caricatures of Calvinism

Dr. Thomas Ascol of Founder Ministries writes,” I hope I live long enough to see the day when the common caricatures of the doctrines of sovereign grace have been so widely exposed that any self-respecting preacher will be ashamed to keep serving them up as if they were irrefutable critiques of what John Broadus called “that exalted system of Pauline truth which is technically called Calvinism.”  On todays program, Mike examines the gross misrepresentation what he calls “the true exposition of Scripture.” 

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Saved or Self Deceived?

How can so many who claim to be Christians, not have a proper, scriptural understanding of salvation? As Dr. John MacArthur states in the teaching series Salvation Survey: Saved or Self Deceived?, “I am convinced that in the name of Christianity there are many places that call themselves churches and they’re not churches. And they have men leading them who call themselves pastors and they’re not pastors.” On this program, Mike asks the question are many saved or deceived? 

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Whats your standard for doctrine?

Shouldn’t the Word of God be the standard for all life and godliness ( 1 Peter 1:3) In this program, Mike examines how Christians must judge all things through the lens, the standard , of Scripture. Also, a follow-up on the Feb. 26th program on election, including listener emails.


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Discussing the Doctrine of Election

Mike is joined by GMI marketing associate Renea Edwards and they have an impromptu discussion on the subject of election. Does God chose to save some and not others? Do people choose to be saved?  What does the Word of God have to say about the subject and is the Bible our standard for judging this subject and others?


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R. Scott Clark on Limited Atonement

If one accepts that Jesus died as a propitiatory substitute for all his people, there are really only two alternatives, definite atonement or absolute (total) universalism. Either he saved everyone who ever lived, or he saved all those whom he loved.

As R. B. Kuiper said, “From the viewpoint of Scripture it is difficult to take unqualified universalism seriously.”(40) It seems clear from the Gospel accounts and Acts that Judas the Traitor is eternally condemned.(41) Our Lord Jesus himself taught that there are some in eternal punishment (Luke 16:9-31). This is the teaching of Revelation 20:15, that there will be some in hell. Can anyone doubt that Hitler or those like him are with Judas? One takes no pleasure in such things, but it is important to think clearly about this issue. If there are any in hell, then clearly not all are saved. If all are not saved, then either Jesus failed in his mission or he succeeded.

Indeed, Calvinism and Arminianism agree that Christ did not actually redeem everyone who ever lived, thus the question is not even whether there is a “limit” to the extent of the atonement, but rather, what is the nature of the limit? Is limited by God’s choice and design or by free human choices?

It is our contention that Scripture teaches that Jesus did not fail. Rather where Adam failed, Jesus succeeded. As the Second Adam (Rom 5:14; 1 Cor 15:22, 44) Jesus actively obeyed God’s perfect Law perfectly, and suffered all the wrath which was due to us, his people, for whom he died (Phil 2:5-11).

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