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A Review of Latest Osteen Book, Break Out! | Bob Johnson


joel_osteenIn Break Out!, God is not glorious in majesty; he is your personal genie and your voice inside. The real power belongs to you. When you speak, things happen. When you believe, things come true.

Osteen’s twisting of Scripture to encourage and inspire greatness comes at a great cost, the cost of truth. The truth is, I cannot be my best. If I cannot be my best, and therefore do my part, what hope can I have that God will do his part?

These present sufferings do include abuse, rape, terminal disease, tragedy, accidents, personal bankruptcy, miscarriages, corrupt officials, and being persecuted for the faith. Joel has no message of hope or comfort for people in these. His principles and exhortations create more laws and commands that are rooted in our determination, but have nothing to do with the gospel of grace. In the end, we are left to save ourselves from our unfulfilled dreams.

For the faithful pastor who does not have an audience the size of a stadium, or the believer who never makes it to CEO, Osteen’s message of “hope” is actually one of condemnation. Either you do not dream enough or something is wrong with your faith.

While his message is popular because you are your own savior, it simply is not true. Pastor, some of your people may like what he has to say and may feel that he is a nice guy with a positive message in a negative world. The problem is, when we accept his horrible theology, our entire understanding of Scripture is warped.

Joel probably is America’s pastor. Sadly, Break Out! pastors people to be narcissistic, biblically illiterate, and theologically confused. In other words, Break Out! tells you to suspend biblical discernment and enjoy your day at Disneyworld.

So just keep putting in your tokens. Keep believing and declaring that you have already won. The machine just hasn’t realized it yet.

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7 Traits of a False Teacher | Colin Smith

This comes from The Gospel Coalition. My note: Sadly, all of these points are represented by false teachers such as Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer and many others.

Don’t Be Naïve

We must not be ignorant: “There will be false teachers among you” (2:1). So how do we apply this warning?

First, Peter’s plain statement reminds us that the church needs to be protected. Among the many wonderful people who come to through the doors of the church each year, some would do more harm than good.

They may seem the nicest of people, but they do not believe in the authority of the Bible or the exclusivity of salvation in Christ. We welcome such people, because they need Christ as much as we do, but we must not allow them to have influence in the church.

Second, skeptics will always be able to point to hypocrisy and inconsistency in the church. They’ve always done it, and they always will. One of the strangest reasons for not following Christ goes like this: “I’ve seen people in the church who are hypocrites.” So you will not follow Christ because some people who claim to do so are hypocrites?

The existence of the counterfeit is never a good reason for rejecting the genuine. Peter essentially tells us, “Of course there are counterfeit Christians. Of course there are teachers who do the church more harm than good. What else would you expect in this fallen world? Grow up! Don’t be naïve! Don’t miss what’s real simply because you have seen the counterfeit.”

Point to 2 Peter 2:1 the next time you meet someone hiding behind this excuse.

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Marsha West | Rick Warren and Joel Osteen Acquiesce to Oprah

By Erin Benzinger, Christian Research Network

Last week, two of America’s most well-known pastors sat down with the queen of television and one of the most influential propagators of New Age thought, Oprah Winfrey. Rick Warren and Joel Osteen each filmed separate episodes for upcoming episodes of Winfrey’s Lifeclass. In her latest article, Marsha West asks some crucial questions. She writes:

So, what is going on in the visible Church?

Glad you asked. In a word: syncretism. Syncretism occurs when elements of other religious beliefs are mashed into mainstream Protestant denominations.

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Did Paula Make a “White-lie”?

This story comes from, exposing more lies and outright heresy in the Word of Faith circles of celebrity preachers, this time involving Paula White and the self-proclaimed rabbi Ralph Messer. Again, this display with the Torah is an abomination.

Apprising Ministries began covering an odd story that broke over the weekend in Pastrix Paula White Set To Be Crowned Queen?

There we found out that Florida Currier was carrying a story indicating that “Rabbi” Ralph Messer was supposedly going to crown White queen “during a Super Bowl Sunday service” at her New Destiny Christian Center.

Beyond any reasonable doubt, that was an endorsement of “internationally acclaimed Bible teacher, speaker, and minister-rabbi” Ralph Messer by T.D. Jakes’ spiritual daughter pastrix Paula White. So, the evidence does reveal that White’s being a bit disingenuous in her statement above.

Finally, were about to witness something else, which also proves to be quite interesting. Watch now as Messer will perform his scroll-wrap ceremony with his dear friend Paula White; this was on her own TV program three years before Messer’s coronation of former King, Eddie Long.

While she isn’t called Queen, White obviously has absolutely no problem with Messer below:


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False Prophetess Stacy Campbell in action

I saw this at Christian Reserach Net and when I watch trash like this it makes me angry and sad. My bullet points:

  • Aside from the unbiblical placement of a woman in ministry leadership….
  • This is a totally fleshly display and void of any honor to the Lord and His Word.
  • It seeks only to boost people feelings and emotions.
  • It is a total distortion and maniplulation of Scripture.
  • Most of what was spoken there as “prophesy” was nothing more than something you could hear at a Tony Robbins motivation seminar.
  • This ministry is false.


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Spurgeon on separation from false teachers

Spurgeon on separation from false teachers.

“For Christians to be linked in association with ministers who do not preach the gospel of Christ is to incur moral guilt. A union which can continue irrespective of whether its member churches belong to a common faith is not fulfilling any scriptural function. The preservation of a denominational association when it is powerless to discipline heretics cannot be justified on the grounds of the preservation of ‘Christian unity.’ It is error which breaks the unity of churches, and to remain in a denominational alignment which condones error is to support schism.”

C.H.S., The Forgotten Spurgeon, Murray, 164-165.

One thing is clear to us, we cannot be expected to meet in any union which comprehends those whose teachings on fundamental points is exactly the reverse of that which we hold dear. Cost what it may, to separate ourselves from those who separate themselves from the truth of God is not alone our liberty but our duty.”

C.H.S., The Sword and Trowel.

“Separation from such as connive at fundamental error, or withhold the ‘Bread of life’ from perishing souls, is not schism, but only what truth, and conscience, and God require of all who would be found faithful.”

C.H.S., 1888, The Sword and Trowel, 127.


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