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The Sovereignty of God-Deal with it!

If God is, and is who He says He is, why do we as mortal men think we can impose upon the will and the power of the eternal Creator? On this program, Mike examines the doctrine of the sovereignty of God and why it is that “people love the darkness more than they love the light.” Todays program also features a tremendous sermon clip by Pastor Jeff Noblit.

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Encouraged by the Rise of Calvinism

If I were to write an article (and I plan on it) or give a sermon on why I am a Calvinist, this message by Pastor Jeff Noblit would be what I would like to write or say. In this incredible message by the pastor of Grace Life Church of the Shoals and the founder of Anchored in Truth Ministries, Jeff Noblit lays the foundation as to why he has been encouraged by the rise of Calvinism in Baptist churches. He spoke at the Building Bridges: Southern Baptists and Calvinism conference held at Southeastern Baptist Seminary in November 2007. Baptist or not, this message is a must for your library.   

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The Sovereignty of God-Deal with It!

Ask almost any Christian if they believe in the Sovereignty of God and 9 out of 10 will say “of course”. But dig deeper and you might find them saying, “I believe God is sovereign, but…”. Sharing a reading from A.W. Pinks classic “The Sovereignty of God” and portion of a tremendous message by Jeff Noblit, Mike explains that the proper understanding of God is absolutely necessary for the believer.


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