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Interview with Mark Regev | Jewish Voice

Published on Apr 14, 2014
What implications do current world events have on Israel today and how do they tie into end-time prophecy? Israel is a nation surrounded by conflict. Not only are they surrounded by hostility on every side, they’re under attack from within. Iraq, Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey, Hezbollah and Hamas all pose daily threats to this tiny Jewish state. Today on Jewish Voice join Rabbi Jonathan Bernis and Mark Regev, International Spokesperson to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as they discuss the latest updates on events making headlines in the Middle East and their tie-in to end-time events.

Erick Stakelbeck — The Muslim Brotherhood | Jewish Voice Today

from Jewish Voice Today, You Tube

As the Muslim Brotherhood gains prominence and political power inside the United States do they represent a clear and present danger? Today’s guest, Erick Stakelbeck, a well-known investigative news reporter and Middle East expert will share information from interviews with radical Islamists and intelligence analysts that you have probably never heard.