MacArthur mentions Piper/Warren in interview on the Reformed Revival…

Finally…someone in leadership comments on the Piper/Warren connection! In this clip from an interview with John MacArthur, at about the 4:45 mark, Dr. MacArthur mentions Piper and Warren by name and does so not in the most glowing context. I hope there is an instance where Dr. MacArthur can elaborate in the future. Please follow and like […]

The Piper-Warren Interview…the love-fest continues

My friend and brother Ken Silva reports at Apprising Ministries on the lovey-dovey interview by John Piper with Rick Warren. You must read all of the articles for yourself. I planb to offer my two-cents on the radio program or on a special podcast this week…or both. John Piper’s Interview With Rick Warren At Saddleback […]

Great Audio from the MCP Archives

Mike does an audio house cleaning today, sharing great classic audio from Paul Washer, Mark Driscoll, John MacArthur, John Piper, Alistair Begg and more. Plus great Sermon Jams production featuring John Piper on Checking Yourself, and Mark Driscoll on American Idols. Plus Mike reads a few emails from listeners. Listen now– Podcast Download MP3 Please […]

Why I Left the SBC….Exhibit number….

from Worldview Times: Rick Warren, John Piper to Keynote at Aspire Conference The annual Southern Baptist pastors conference takes place June 12 and 13, 2011 in Phoenix. Sharing the stage with Rick Warren, will be Desiring God’s John Piper. Apparently Piper’s holding his West Coast DG conference at Saddleback in April was just a warm-up […]

Howse and Schlueter on the Piper/Warren mess

This a must-listen-to broadcast from Jan Markell’s Understanding the Times Brannon Howse again warns of ecumenical efforts going on that could play into the hands of a future global religion predicted in Revelation. Joining him is Ingrid Schlueter from Crosstalk Radio. He informs listeners of John Piper joining hands with Rick Warren and of Warren’s plan […]