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Howse and Schlueter on the Piper/Warren mess

This a must-listen-to broadcast from Jan Markell’s Understanding the Times

Brannon Howse again warns of ecumenical efforts going on that could play into the hands of a future global religion predicted in Revelation. Joining him is Ingrid Schlueter from Crosstalk Radio. He informs listeners of John Piper joining hands with Rick Warren and of Warren’s plan to honor Tony Blair at Saddleback Church. Blair is in the forefront of ecumenical efforts with his Tony Blair Foundation. What is a “religious Trojan horse?” What is a “Fabian Socialist?” And why is Tony Blair’s foundation so dangerous to Christians? Schlueter and Howse also review the danger of three occultists at Warren’s Saddleback Church for all of Or Brannon Howse

Click here to listen to the broadcast

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What in the world is going on now?

I am saddened, and yes, even shocked to learn that John Piper will be conducting a Desiring God Conference at Saddleback Church in California in April 2011. What are we to make of this? Why is someone so admired and trusted; so loved and respected; someone who has stood so faithfully and boldly for the cause of Christ and His Gospel as John Piper, entering into a partnership with someone that is blatantly ashamed of the Gospel? Why? Why? Why?

Is Dr. Piper going there to call Warren to repentance? He is going there to declare to the people at Saddleback that Warren’s “gospel” isnt the true Gospel? Is Dr. Piper going there to declare ‘thus saith the Lord’?

On her Crosstalk Blog Ingrid Schlueter offers a post titled John Piper Desiring Rick Warren, and I read the article and my gut wants to scream, “No thats not right! That can’t be! There more to this than what we know!”.

Yet I recall all of the many instances where this has happened in other ministries and I cringe and I cry.

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Warren at Piper Conference-“Nothing happens till somebody starts dreaming. What we need today are great dreamers.”

A great commentary at the website of Sola Sisters, concerning the message given by Rick Warren at the recent Desiring God 2010 conference hosted by John Piper. Warren was not able to attend the conference personally but rather submitted a video message. I will offer my comments on a future post.

But this is not the yielded life of a true Christian as taught in Scripture….coming up with big dreams and then looking for God to give us the "go juice" to accomplish what we desire.  In thinking this way, we create an idol in our minds of a "God" who is reduced to being the "power in our engines" and the dog that jumps through the hoops of our choosing.  No, the way we come to the Lord is with our hands open, humbly submitting our dreams, plans, wants, and desires to His perfect will (Matt 6:10).

In closing, let me put forth the troubling idea that, thanks to Dr. John Piper’s Desiring God 2010, a whole new audience is now being exposed to Rick Warren’s particular brand of Christian narcissism…..with Dr. Piper’s stamp of approval.  And so I’ll ask a question I’ve asked before: how far from orthodoxy does Rick Warren have to fall before Christian leaders will begin to "mark him out" and separate from him (Romans 16:17) – rather than continuing to give him a platform for teaching and preaching? Apparently, to Dr. Piper’s mind, we’re nowhere close.

You can view the entire message online at

Again, I ask the question, what has been the opinions of the other speakers at the conference, Albert Mohler, R.C. Sproul, Thabiti Anyabwile and Francis Chan? Have they made any comments about Warren’s invitation to the conference and his message?

If any of you know, please forward it to me.

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Some bullet points on Piper-Warren issue

Emails I have received have led me to share some short thoughts on the John Piper-Rick Warren controversy  that I pray will clarify some concerns:

  • I am not throwing Dr. Piper under the bus. I think his decision was wrong and if I were able to tell him I would encourage him to change his mind.
  • I disagree with Dr. Piper’s assessment of Rick Warren’s theology and ministry.
  • I am bothered by Dr. Piper’s decision to invite Warren to speak but want to see what else develops.
  • I do not personally hate Rick Warren. I do not know the man.
  • I hold to my opinion that Warren is a false prophet and the proof of this is, I believe, clearly evident in his preaching, writings and interviews. I pray for him that he will repent and turn from his false gospel.
  • I’m still very curious as to what John MacArthur or R.C. Sproul think about the situation.

There is probably more, and if so, I will share it later.

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Pastor Bob DeWaay on Piper/Warren issue

I thank the Lord for people like Ingrid Schlueter with VCY America and host of the program Crosstalk America. I have never met her but admire her greatly and thank the Lord for her faithfulness. On the 6 April episode of Crosstalk, Ingrid interviews Pastor Bob DeWaay of Twin City Fellowship in St. Paul, Minnesota. I have had the honor of speaking with and interviewing Pastor DeWaay on the topic of Rick Warren and the Purpose Driven Movement. His insight and ministry is a great blessing. Listen to this broadcast!


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