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Remembering our friend and brother, Ken Silva

Stringer Funeral Homes, Claremont, NH– Kenne E. Silva, 59, of Claremont, NH passed away suddenly on Monday, September 29, 2014. He was born in Gloucester, MA on July 19, 1955, son of the late Sylvia and Ralph Silva. He graduated from Fall Mountain Regional High School. He loved playing and writing music. He would spend hours just playing and singing for people. He loved to entertain. He was loved and will be missed by all who knew him.

For the last 10 years he has been a Pastor of the Connecticut River Baptist Church and founded an internet site in 2005, Apprising Ministries, where he would do daily blogs and was admired and followed by many. He has also coached Little League Baseball for the Parks and Recreation Department. In 2001, he coached the Claremont Middle School football team to an undefeated season. He was head coach of the Stevens High School football team for three years, bringing them back to Varsity level in 2004 with a win in their first game over Fall Mountain, 20-14 in overtime. He also was a certified umpire for baseball, but his main passion was his Church.

The surviving family includes his wife, Donna, his step mother, June Silva, and her and her three children, Christopher Knapp and his two children Madison and Mackenzie, of Westwood, New Jersey; Eric Knapp and his two children, Sarah and Ian of Point Pleasant, New Jersey; James Skinner of Lee, NH; his brother Paul Silva of Claremont, NH and his son David from Newbury, NH; his late brother Tony Silva and his two sons, Alan Silva & his wife Tonda from Cleveland, Ohio, Scott Silva from Athens, GA; his sister Cynthia Silva of Jaffrey, NH and her daughter Ashley Gould, Antrim, NH; his step brother Jeffrey & Michelle Jackson and their children, Alex, Jeff Jr., and Juliana of Toms River, NJ; his step sister Kristi & Jeffrey Brown and their children, Scott and Jackie of Steamboat Springs, Colorado; and step brother Keith Thibodeau of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He also leaves many nieces, nephews, cousins.

A graveside service will be held at the Pine Crest Cemetery in Charlestown on Monday, October 6, 2014 at 12:00 PM. The service will be performed by David H. Moses, Associate Pastor of Connecticut River Baptist Church.

In Lieu of flowers, donations may be made in honor of Kenne Silva, to the Connecticut River Baptist Church, PO Box 340, Claremont, NH 03743.

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries provides a post entitled APPRISING MINISTRIES TO GLENN BECK dealing the spiritual life of radio and TV host Glenn Beck, a devout Mormon. This excerpt offers a comparison between the Jesus of Mormonism and the Biblical Christ.


AM has a post called Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?, which via a take-off of the old TV program To Tell the Truth, that introduces you to a few of the many Jesuses running around the contemporary landscape today. What I did in that article was take the benefit of my 22+ years of studying Comparative Religion and then distill the basic teachings of certain groups concerning Jesus so as to have their “Jesus” give you a synopsis of who he is according to that particular religion.

In this case of Glenn Beck, here now is the “Jesus of Mormonism” as he introduces himself to you:

I am the Jesus Christ of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). My original Church went through a total apostasy and I took the Priesthood from the earth. In 1820 by one account—as there are nine different accounts—I appeared with Heavenly Father to Joseph Smith who would be the prophet to restore my Church. I told him that everything the historic Christian Church had taught was an abomination in my sight and that all who believe in those doctrines are corrupt. I am the spirit child who was born first to Heavenly Father, whose name is Elohim, and who has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s.

Elohim was once a man who lived on the planet Kolob. He died and was resurrected by his father—after earning his way to godhood—as did his father before him and on back. Heavenly Father pro-created all of us through sexual relations with one of his celestial wives and we are all his spirit children. I was born first; next was Lucifer, and then on down the line comes you. When the head of the gods—of which there are countless numbers—called a council of the gods I came up with a better plan of salvation than my brother Lucifer did. So I became the Savior for Heavenly Father’s children on earth. I was conceived for my earthly mission when Heavenly Father came down and had sexual relations with his daughter the Virgin Mary.

I sweat great drops of blood for your sins in the Garden of Gethsemane. Then on the cross I finished my work; and because of that atonement, all persons on this earth are going to be resurrected. And so now you have a chance to earn your way to becoming a god just like me by working the Gospel Principles taught by the Mormon Church. But be careful because my blood was not sufficient to cover some of your sins my prophet Brigham Young once taught for me. He said, “There’s not a man or woman who violates the covenant made with their God that will not be required to pay that debt. The blood of Christ will never wipe that out. [And y]our own blood must atone for it.”

Now following below is the actual Jesus Christ of Nazareth as found in God’s Word—the Bible:

I am the Jesus of the historic, orthodox Christian Church, which I purchased with My Own blood. I Am the one true and eternal God incarnate—God the Son—second Person of the blessed and Holy Trinity. I am the very Creator of the entire universe and the only Savior of hopelessly lost mankind. There is never a time that I did not exist as I am the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world.

And in the fullness of time I was born of the Virgin Mary and clothed with human flesh. Then while on My planet I lived the sinless life necessary of you to come and be in the Presence of God the Father. In My Father’s will and for His glory, I willingly sacrificed My perfect life for yours, and shed My blood on the Cross as an offering for the sins of all who will be regenerated by God the Holy Spirit; who believe in Me.

I bore the wrath of Almighty God that you deserve and as I died in your place I said: “It is finished.” I was buried, but on the third day, I rose again from the dead in the same Body so that you could know that I am the One I claim to be. Now you can trust in Me because by My resurrection you know that I am able to save all those who by God’s grace alone, place their faith alone, in Me alone. I say that in all the universe there is only one God; you are not Him, nor will you ever be.”

Let me ask you; can those two claiming to be Jesus above truly be the same person? The answer is: No. Now they could both be false; but only one of them could actually be Christ Jesus of Nazareth. And since the Bible gives us eyewitness depositions aka Gospels from people who personally knew Jesus, the Apostles Matthew and John, we must conclude from the extant evidence the Mormon “Jesus” is not the real Jesus, but an impostor.

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Rick Warren and Purpose Driven Catholics?

A great article by Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries and I agree with it completely:

It’s beyond question that Rick Warren embraces, in contradistinction to Reformation theology, the Roman Catholic Church as a legitimate expression of Christianity; and further, as being ”in God’s family.” [5] However, we’re dealing with the Gospel itself here; this isn’t open to a matter of opinion. On one hand, we have all of the above, and yet Rick Warren says he believes in the 5 Solas of the Reformation; and in addition, Dr. John Piper has pronounced Warren ”doctrinal and sound.”

Look at the reaction of the inspired Apostles in our opening text above concerning the Judaizers, who really weren’t all that much different than the Roman Catholic Church, when they added to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Reformers like Luther and Calvin clearly called the Roman Catholic Church apostate (and worse); and the reason why the Protestant Reformation cannot be undone is because it revolves around the doctrine of justification, the very heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ itself. And the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church concerning justification remains the same as it was at their Council of Trent.

Now earlier in Warrengate: Dr. James White On John Piper And Rick Warren I quoted some of Dr. White’s comments. Dr. White said that John Piper “takes on the mantle of a prophet; and he’s not afraid to tell you what he thinks, he’s very straight forward.” And while sharing his views the other day Adrian Warnock said that Dr. Piper ”is a man of God who has been given a unique gifting and authority.” The bold was his by the way; and so from what I gather, it would appear there are those of a more charismatic bent who’re are saying that Dr. John Piper is somewhat uniquely in a prophetic office within the Body of Christ.

Ok; let’s roll along that way. So then here I will say, if  anyone thinks that he is a prophet, or spiritual, he should acknowledge the things I am writing—from the text of Bible itself—are the commands of the Lord as to what Dr. John Piper should do. He ought to immediately withdraw the invitation to DG 2010 from an obviously double-minded man attempting to be a friend of the world. Dr. Piper should then mark out Rick Warren according to Romans 16:17-18 as someone causing divisions and creating obstacles contrary to the doctrine that we have been taught; and certainly not give him a forum for his smooth talk and flattery.

Read the entire article….

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The Attack on Sola Scriptura

Mike shares a recent conversation he had with Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries and Christian Research Network. They discuss the growing attack on the doctrine of Sola Scriptura, that God’s Word is the sole basis for our faith as believers and that the biblical Word, rather than spiritual experience, is the test of truth.  

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