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ER2 and the Ugly Details

Elephant Room 2 is over and we are waiting for the video to be released (or clips). But we are reading comments by some who watched the forum online, or in the case of Chris Rosebrough, who attempted to attend personally only to have his registration revoked and threatened with arrest, and the comments are troubling and not surprising.


From what we are reading and hearing, what I thought would happen, did happen; star-struck reception and softball questions lobbed to T.D. Jakes. That was to be expected, and sadly, so was the selfish, childish and unholy actions of James McDonald and the ER2 crew. They are so thin skinned and take an “I’m taking my ball and going home” attitude toward any challenge to their actions or motives.


Below are links to some insightful posts concerning the whole Elephant Room garbage:


Ken Silva and

Chris Rosebrough, Fighting for the

Daniel Neades,

Issues, Etc.- Interview with Chris Rosebrough



Steve Camp offered sound comments on Twitter:


PastorSJCamp Steve Camp

Affirmng doctrin of Trinity isnt 2 regurgitate a theologicl phrase. It is biblically understndng th nature of th Godhead & n re: 2 th gospel

PastorSJCamp Steve Camp

RT @colbycm Did Jakes & Driscoll debate somewhere?? // not a debate, bt a discussion on Modalism @ #Elephant Room. Jakes played him. Sad

PastorSJCamp Steve Camp


@PastorMark My brother I love you, but Jakes controlled you today & unfortunately you let him off – easy – on critical essential doctrine.

PastorSJCamp Steve Camp

RT @ralphprovance What do you do when the #elephantroom is full of elephants? Simple….you run far, far away. // LOL. Amen!

PastorSJCamp Steve Camp

Problm w/ Jakes’s hereticl vu of Trinity is tht it redefines th God of th Bible & reinvnts th gospel. He needs 2b regenrated! #elephantroom

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Mark Driscoll on the wrath of God..

In this YouTube video, Driscoll points out how many over emphasize certain attributes of God to the exclusion of other attributes; ie focusing only on the love of the Lord and not proclaiming, or ignoring all together, His justice and wrath and holiness.

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The Elephant in the Elephant Room

Travis Allen, Director of Internet Ministry with Grace to You,offers great insight on The Elephant Room controversy, relating to the first session and the opening discussion involving Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll and moderator James McDonald. You must read the entire article.

That Elephant Room session was full of swagger and bravado, the epitome of hipster coolness. But the biggest elephant in the room on that day was the failure to fear God, the failure to speak with conviction when His Word is so clear.

While watching that video, I couldn’t help but remember the prophetic words of David Wells in God in the Wasteland, that “God now rests too inconsequentially upon the church.” Wells continues, saying, ”If God is at the center of worship, one has to wonder why there is so much surrounding the center that is superfluous to true worship—indeed, counterproductive to it.”

Whenever the clear voice of God in His Word is blunted or diminished, whether by ignorance or neglect, God will rest too inconsequentially upon the church. I fear we’re becoming a generation that’s doing church in a way that is counterproductive to true worship. And I’m concerned it’s because we don’t fear God as we should, and we’re becoming accustomed to doing what is right in our own eyes.

“To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because they have no dawn” (Is. 8:20).

Read the entire article…

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Mark Driscoll talks about the Twilight craze

I listened recently to this portion of a Mark Driscoll message where he emphasizes the ungodly phenomenon of the Twilight books and movies and the occultism that it involves. He states many of the same points that I have and I agree with Mark’s conclusions. Christians, and especially Christian parents…how can you in good conscience and obedience to the Lord, allow your children, or yourselves, to have anything to do with this stuff? One more note; there is some humor in this clip, and many of the folks in the congregation are laughing, but I am glad that Driscoll drives the point home.


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Great Audio from the MCP Archives

Mike does an audio house cleaning today, sharing great classic audio from Paul Washer, Mark Driscoll, John MacArthur, John Piper, Alistair Begg and more. Plus great Sermon Jams production featuring John Piper on Checking Yourself, and Mark Driscoll on American Idols. Plus Mike reads a few emails from listeners.

Listen now Podcast Download MP3

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Driscoll: Without Jesus, You Go to Hell

from a article by Audrey Barrick …..

In admittedly his most difficult sermon in 15 years of ministry, Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll made it abundantly clear that hell is real and is the destination for those who don’t trust in Jesus.

“Let me say it clearly, … plainly, … loudly: You are in danger. Without Jesus, you go to hell,” the Reformed pastor told thousands at Mars Hill Church this past weekend.

Driscoll was preaching from the sixteenth chapter of the Gospel of Luke – a New Testament book that he has been going over for the past year and a half with his church. But what made the sermon even more timely and that much more urgent was the recent debate on hell in light of the release of Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived, by Grandville, Mich., pastor Rob Bell.

Without naming names, Driscoll, author of Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe, expressed profound concern over false teachings and messages that proclaim anything other than salvation through Jesus Christ.

“It greatly disturbs me when well-known pastors and preachers and authors get invited onto television … when the world is listening to them, the interviewer inquires of them ‘if you don’t believe in Jesus are you going to hell?’ and they squirm or they change the subject or they appeal to the emotions or they tell a story, they do anything but say ‘yes, if you don’t know Jesus you go to hell,'” the 40-year-old pastor said.

“Friends, this is the most serious of matters,” he told the congregation. “I’m not the judge but there are pastors that are going to hell. So be careful who you trust.”

For Driscoll, there is no ambiguity in Jesus’ teachings about heaven and hell.

Stressing throughout his sermon that his job is to tell the truth, Driscoll pointed to Jesus’ teachings on the hard-to-stomach issue of hell.

Jesus, he said, speaks of hell more than anyone in the entire Bible. Roughly 13 percent of his teachings and half of his parables are in reference to hell, judgment, or punishment, Driscoll noted.

“Some say Jesus is so loving, certainly Jesus doesn’t believe in hell. I would say the most loving person who has ever lived not only believes in hell but clearly, emphatically, repeatedly teaches on it, which must mean that our sin is more damnable than we can fathom if it requires the most loving person to speak in the most stark of terms,” he pointed out.

“The existence of hell, the instruction by Jesus of hell should reveal to us how sinful sin truly is and how rebellious we really are.”


Read the entire article……


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