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“I Believe” | Joshua Waller | Official Music Video

Four young men touring through the southeast with a message of the importance of the land and people of Israel. These are Israel farmers/vinedressers who have been dedicated to supporting our Creator’s chosen people and chosen land in such a time as this.
The “For Zion’s Sake” presentation is free, the message is good, and the cause is important to our Creator. We have heard, “Find out what G-d is doing and join Him.” For those involved, there is understanding that there may be nothing happening on the planet that is more important than the current restoration of and support for the people holding onto the heartland (misnomered “West Bank) of Israel. It is said that approximately 80% of the Bible was written in this small area (heartland of Israel – Samaria/Shomron).

Who are the remnant who desire the Father’s heart, make effort to hear the call, draw the line, and stand firm? These young men are examples of the calling.

The Greatest Rendition Ever

In the 10 years or so that I owned WQBC Radio, we were the only radio station in our area that started every day with the playing of our National Anthem. At that time we were doing a daily morning program and we started at 6am with news and weather, followed by the morning show itself, and for the majority of those mornings, at 5:57:50, we shared this rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Whitney Houston. It is, in my opinion, THE greatest rendition of our National Anthem ever performed, and to the very day I get chills listening to it especially with the jet flyover at the end. How sad and tragic was the passing of Whitney Houston. So much to offer to have it so terribly wasted in the end.

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