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Men, Stop the Silly Video Games and Kick the Porn Habit | Shane Idleman

from Charisma News

Like a bird that wanders from the nest, so is a man who wanders from his place” (Prov. 27:8).

Written in 1757, the following lyrics echo with great clarity to a generation that has wandered so far off that we can barely hear God’s call to return to Him: “Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, prone to leave the God I love. Here’s my heart, O take and seal it; seal it for Thy courts above.”

“Wander” means to depart, stray or retreat from what we know to be right. As a result, guilt and shame can dominate our lives. Proverbs 13:15 reminds us that “the way of the transgressor” is hard. For many, this is an understatement if we are fighting against God … fighting against what we know to be right.

In the same way that the DMV offers a certificate of non-operation when a vehicle is not working properly, wandering from God makes us ineffective, unproductive, negative, angry, depressed, disgruntled, discouraged, critical, and lifeless. It’s clear from Scripture that the wanderer within must be restrained. How do we restrain a nature prone to wander?

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Partying, Porn and Pregnancy: Reality Show About Provocative Pastors’ Daughters Called ‘Despicable’

from Christian News Network

A new reality television show about pastors’ daughters that has begun airing on the Lifetime Television Network is being called “despicable” by a nationally recognized organization that fights for morality in the media.

The organization One Million Moms is especially furious over the broadcast, and is calling for its cancellation.

“This program is not only offensive to pastors, their daughters and families all across the country, but to all Christians,” it states. “As Christians, we know that no one is perfect other than Jesus because we are all born sinners who are saved by grace, but to publicize someone’s struggles for a buck and belittle pastor’s daughters in the process is despicable.”

“Lifetime should be ashamed of themselves,” the activist group asserts. “Networks continuously mock Christianity, and we will not stand for it. Some in the entertainment business have gone too far, for too long.”

“Christians should no longer sit idly by and allow it to continue without speaking up in protest.”

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Warren, the weird and the wild…

God have mercy on the American church.

Mike comments on the Ric Warren message at DGNC; the suicide of an Ohio teen after being bullied by fellow students and the weird and the strange in American “churchianity”, such as “doggie praise”, clips of a Hannah Montana song as worship and a clip of a video from a faithful church in Texas devoting all to the Lord.

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That’s not a preacher…it’s an illusion!

What’s next? We have gone from light preaching to light preachers.

Christian– Holographic preachers are stirring another technology-gone-too-far debate among Christians.

While the dust over beaming preachers on a video screen on multi-site campuses has somewhat settled, the new 3D tool is raising more questions and concerns among some believers.

“Since so many of us in the west are convinced that entertaining pew fodder is critical to advancing ‘the gospel’ and that only a very few have the necessary gifts to preachertain – this will become the ‘perfect’ solution,” Bill Kinnon, author of A Networked Conspiracy, Social Networks, The Church & the Power of Collective Intelligence, wrote in a recent blog post.

What has Kinnon and many other Christians talking is the holographic technology that music artist Madonna famously used at the Grammy Awards in 2006 and that one company wants to promote in churches.

Tony Morgan, pastor of ministries at West Ridge Church near Atlanta, introduced the technology as a possible church tool on his blog this week. He had visited with the company Clark (formerly Clark ProMedia) at their offices in Alpharetta, Ga., where they demonstrated the 3D tool. As he stood on the stage of the company’s new theater, an image of another person was projected next to him. From the audience’s perspective, it appears as if the other figure was actually present.

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The Double Reach Of Self-Righteousness

By Tullian Tchividjian|Christian Post Guest Columnist

It’s simple: we can become self-righteous against those who are self-righteous. Many younger evangelicals today are reacting to their parents’ conservative, buttoned-down, rule-keeping flavor of “older brother religion” with a type of liberal, untucked, rule-breaking flavor of “younger brother irreligion” which screams, ”That’s right, I know I don’t have it all together and you think you do; I know I’m not good and you think you are. That makes me better than you.” See the irony?

In other words, they’re proud that they’re not self-righteous!

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Regrets Media Didn’t Memorialize a Soldier Killed Same Day Jackson Died

by Brent Baker, The Washington Post

Army 1st Lt. Brian N. Bradshaw was killed in Afghanistan, fighting in a war to protect all Americans, the same day that Michael Jackson died, prompting a letter to the Washington Post, which the paper published on Sunday, from Bradshaw’s aunt, Martha Gillis, who scolded media priorities:

My nephew, Brian Bradshaw, was killed by an explosive device in Afghanistan on June 25, the same day that Michael Jackson died. Mr. Jackson received days of wall-to-wall coverage in the media. Where was the coverage of my nephew or the other soldiers who died that week? There were several of them, and our family crossed paths with the family of another fallen soldier at Dover Air Force Base, where the bodies come “home.” Only the media in Brian’s hometown [in Washington State] and where he was stationed before his deployment [Alaska] covered his death.

In the letter the Post headlined, “A Life of Worth, Overlooked,” Gillis, a resident of the Washington, DC suburb of Springfield, Virginia, fondly recalled: “He had old-fashioned values and believed that military service was patriotic and that actions counted more than talk. He wasn’t much for talking, although he could communicate volumes with a raised eyebrow.”

She then asked:

He was a search-and-rescue volunteer, an altar boy, a camp counselor. He carried the hopes and dreams of his parents willingly on his shoulders. What more than that did Michael Jackson do or represent that earned him memorial ‘shrines,’ while this soldier’s death goes unheralded? It makes me want to scream.

Kudos to the Washington Post for printing the letter and making it the top one in the letters section on Sunday.

—Brent Baker is Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center

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