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Greear States Priorities!

Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear’s response to Vice President Mike Pence’s speech at SBC annual meeting this week,

“I know that sent a terribly mixed signal. We are grateful for civic leaders who want to speak to our Convention—but make no mistake about it, our identity is in the gospel and our unity is in the Great Commission. Commissioned missionaries, not political platforms, are what we do.”

I agree with him!

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Showdown looms over SBC and Calvinism


A longtime Southern Baptist leader warns there is a theological civil war brewing over the influence of Calvinist leaders within the denomination.

Richard Land, the former head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, says he supports Ken Hemphill to lead the SBC as president in order to preserve the gospel message and to defend the role of evangelism.

Hemphill, 69, the former president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, announced Feb. 1 that he is seeking the nomination of SBC president in June.

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Southern Baptists, an Unregenerate Denomination | Jim Elliff

from Christian Communicators Worldwide:

sbclogoOur only alternative is to carry on in the old way—the way that produces 70-90% fallout. By continuing on as we are, we will gradually blur, and eventually obscure altogether, any distinction between the professing and the authentic Christian. In the end, we will look like every other mainline, liberal denomination. We are only one-third to one-tenth alive now. If we want to avoid complete deadness, we must take dramatic measures immediately. Like cotton candy, our apparent size does not add up to much.

Our forebears, especially those who died for the biblical concept of a regenerate church, would hardly recognize our compromised condition. It will admittedly take us down a notch or two, in the estimation of the rest of professing Christianity, when millions are removed from our rolls. But humility and a new reality might be the starting place for God’s greatest blessings on us yet!

The next time someone asks how your church and your denomination are doing, tell the truth. Tell them that we have a new confidence in the inerrant Bible. Tell them that we have seminaries that promote orthodoxy, and new evangelistic fervor among the true believers. Tell them we have a lot to be excited about. But also tell them that when considered as a whole, most Southern Baptists need raising from the dead.

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The editor of the news journal of the Georgia Baptist Convention says he is concerned over the “encroachment of Calvinism” in Southern Baptist churches. What he seriously should be concerned with is the domination of a cheap grace theology and mentality in many SBC congregations and the thousands of false converts it produces!

This story comes via Christian Research Network:

The Baptist Press reports:

Southern Baptists must decide whether they are satisfied with a “presumable encroachment of Calvinism” in their leadership and their seminary graduates, Baptist paper editor Gerald Harris wrote Feb. 9, drawing responses from several SBC entities.

In a column titled “The Calvinists are here,” Harris, editor of The Christian Index, newsjournal of the Georgia Baptist Convention, set forth statements about Calvinism and quoted Southern Baptists on both sides of the issue. Read more

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Southern Baptist Convention changing its name?

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is said to be considering a name change during the annual meeting of that denominations executive committee this week. Any news concerning my old denomination catches my attention, but especially something like this, as this isn’t the first time they have talked about this issue.

SBC President has appointed a task force to study the situation and to consider four questions;

1) Is it a good idea, that is, is there value in considering a name change?

2) If so, what would be a good name to suggest?

3) What would be the potential legal ramifications of a name change?

4) What would be the potential financial implications?

I think Dr. Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY offered some very valuable insight into the situation in a recent article on his website:

“There are good arguments to be made on both sides of this question — so let’s make them. There are important questions to ask — so let’s ask them. There are emotional issues that pull at our hearts — so let’s talk about them. There are generations of the past to whom we owe so much and a generation of those now living we desperately wants to reach — so let’s bridge them. There are legal and financial issues to consider — so let’s consider them. There are so many Southern Baptists from which we need to hear — so let’s listen to them.


Most importantly, there is a world desperately in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ — so we must not allow this question to divert our energies from the Great Commission task. It will not matter what we call ourselves if we lose sight of the one great cause that has brought us together.”

My history and disagreements with the SBC are well documented to anyone who cares; I was “raised” in a Southern Baptist church, made a profession of faith and was baptized at Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Epps, Louisiana at age 14, was licensed and ordained in the ministry through that church, served in ministry for many years before leaving the denomination in 2007. (Why I left the SBC, The Expositor, 5 July 2007).

I share all of that again to make the point that I am not an outsider with any knowledge of the denomination’s history, doctrine and practices. I am praying that the desire to change the name isn’t solely so for some felt need to appease the politically-correct crowd, or to make yet another fleshly attempt to accommodate the “seeker”.

The SBC loves the title of “America’s largest protestant denomination”, even though the numbers are always misleading. But ultimately it doesn’t matter anyway.

In my humble low-shelf opinion, change the name if you like. I am far more concerned and saddened by the dominant Arminian theology and practices within the SBC than I am in its name and claims to fame.

Get the Gospel right and everything else will fall into place.


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Questions a Traditional Southern Baptist Wants to Ask a Calvinist, Part 4

Mike and Scott Reiber continue their discussion on the bible study Questions a Traditional Southern Baptist Wants to Ask a Calvinist, this week addressing at the question “What if I am neither an Arminian nor a five-point Calvinist?”

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