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ER2 and the Race Card

Mike and Scott Reiber discuss an interview by James McDonald with three African-American pastors concerning the recent Elephant Room 2 forum, and in particular the issues surrounding the inclusion of T.D. Jakes, including audio clips from the interview. Its is about race or truth, black and white, or sheep and goats?

Plus, commentary on the hideous event involving Eddie Long and his being crowned ‘king”.

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Jakes’ sermon at the Code Orange Revival

from Christian Research Net:

T.D. Jakes is the leader of The Potter’s House, a 30,000 member congregation located in southern Dallas, Texas. I had never heard a T.D. Jakes sermon before, though I knew of his reputation. I was curious to see – if only via an Internet video stream – the man that Elevation Church reminded us was named ‘America’s Best Preacher’ by Time Magazine. Would I be able to uncover the secret of his mystique? And would he preach the Biblical Gospel?

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Thabiti Anyabwile & AJ Carter hit back-to-back homers in the McDonald/Jakes/Elephant Room issue…

This article, The Elephant Wins by A.J. Carter, comes from The Gospel Coalition….

“Jakes is no dummy.  He will be careful not to say anything that would indict him as a false teacher.  He is a smart man.  You don’t get to his position being stupid.  Therefore, I fear that by the end of the discussion, when all the rounds have been fired, and the dust has settled, the elephant in the room will be Mr. Jakes himself.  He will be standing tall shaking everyone’s hand and thanking them for giving him another platform on which to promote himself.  No matter what is said, unless Jakes denounces his previous teachings or is exposed as a false teacher, it’s a win for team Jakes and a loss for those of us left to clean up after the elephant has done his business.”

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Thabiti Anyabwile addresses McDonald, Jakes and The Elephant Room

Thabiti Anyabwile, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman in the Grand Cayman Islands and a Council member with The Gospel Coalition, posts a tremedous article on The Gospel Coalition website titled Collateral Damage in the Invitation of T.D. Jakes to the Elephant Room, concerning the James McDonald/T.D. Jakes/Elephant Room issue and I think Pastor Anyabwile hits the nail right on the head!

I am wondering if Pastor McDonald has replied publicly to the post, and if he also considers Pastor  Anyabwile to be a pagan, as he described those who disagree with his inclusion of Jakes in the next ER session? Probably not.

“When theologically conservative, Evangelical or Reformed African Americans call for reform in the African-American church, they feel like midgets facing the titans and juggernauts of a word-faith, charismatic pantheon.  The task can seem so daunting and isolating.  Internally, there’s the constant fight with unbelief and resignation.  There’s wrestling with questions like “Can the African-American church be reformed?”  ”Is the church essentially apostate?”  Sometimes these questions have more to do with us than they have to do with the church.  But the questions illustrate how intense and serious a battle this is.

That’s why it’s difficult to see larger-than-life heretics given a platform in circles of pastors and leaders we respect and we regard as co-laborers in defense and confirmation of the truth.  I’m breaking no stories here.  The news of T.D. Jakes’ invitation to the Elephant Room is widespread and rightly lamented by many.  I’m just adding a perspective that hasn’t yet been stated: This kind of invitation undermines that long, hard battle many of us have been waging in a community often neglected by many of our peers.  And because we’ve often been attempting to introduce African-American Christians to the wider Evangelical and Reformed world as an alternative to the heresy and blasphemy so commonplace in some African-American churches and on popular television outlets, the invitation of Jakes to perform in “our circles” simply feels like a swift tug of the rug from beneath our feet and our efforts to bring health to a sick church.”

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The Elephant Room, T.D. Jakes, and our reaction

There has been a lot written about the James McDonald event/concept called The Elephant Room. The Elephant Room website describes it as,

The Elephant Room is more than an event. It is the outgrowth of an idea. The idea that the best way forward for the followers of Jesus lies not in crouching behind walls of disagreement but in conversation among leaders about what the scriptures actually teach.  What the bible actually asserts about the biblical Gospel, right doctrine and practice, about the most Christ honoring ways of building a church.  However, a rally to unite where there is so much division is not for those who prefer to hide in small huddles of self congratulatory agreement.  A true unity cannot be fashioned in pretense or denial of truth nor can it be won among those who prefer sectarianism to the unity Jesus prayed for.  To advance Christ’s call to unity we must do what men have always done, we must push and prod and challenge and sharpen each other’s beliefs and methods.  Fidelity and fruitfulness, both matter.  No one has a corner on the truth and methods must do more than ‘work.’

A lot of what has been discussed about The Elephant Room has revolved around some of the people involved and their doctrine and methods. For example, Perry Noble of New Spring Church in Anderson, SC; I find his theology to be shaky at best and his methodology to certainly be unconventional and in my opinion, in most of the cases I know about, inappropriate and offensive. Nobles, by his own admission, goes out of his way to be offensive and controversial to the extent that the Gospel message is smeared. His language is clearly questionable and sometimes borderline profane, using the word freakin on many occasions. If the Gospel presentation were clear, that would be one thing. But it isn’t and it is almost always overshadowed by offensive and inappropriate material or behavior.

Then there are those like Mark Driscoll, David Platt and Greg Laurie; men who are, in my opinion, committed to the Gospel and to proclaiming it with clarity and compassion.

Then there is the news that T.D. Jakes will join the panel in round 2 of the conversation. I may disagree with a Driscoll or Laurie in some secondary area of theology but I could have fellowship with them. Jakes however is a different matter. His theology and methodology is clearly Word of Faith and if you go by what he has written and preached, he adheres to Oneness or Modalist theology. I can state here again, and feel totally comfortable in saying it, T.D. Jakes is a heretic, and I have great concerns when anyone who say they affirm the orthodox Christian faith aligning themselves with someone like a Jakes, Osteen or Warren; whether it be in a conference, a television program and certainly in their churches. My question is, would these men be given as much attention as they are if they did not sell millions of books, claim large numbers of members in the churches or have easier access to media publicity? I think not.

With that said, I am saying here that I am going to withhold from further comment on the Elephant Room until I have a chance to learn more, and as to the Jakes sessions, until I can  hear what is said during the event itself. I have stated my position on Jakes and that is clear. While I do not know James McDonald’s ministry very well, what I have known and heard was positive; so I want to give him and his colleagues the benefit of the doubt; to do the right thing and reserve criticism until I know more.

I agree we should be willing to have conversations with all sorts of people and that we should do so lovingly and hospitably. But at the same time we must remain committed to our faith and not ever be willing to, or even appear to be, disloyal to the Gospel.

Will the questioning and discussion with Jakes be direct and confrontational? Will Jakes be called on his Modalist and Word of Faith theologies? Will those on the panel be in awe of his personality and celebrity and thusly be more willingly to impress him? Let’s see.

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The Elephant Room and T.D. Jakes

In case you haven’t been following, James McDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin, Illinois, started a discussion group, which is taped and posted online, called The Elephant Room. There has actually only been one such meeting as I understand, and the first involved Mark Driscoll, Perry Noble and others. Understandably the conversation was lively, some say even heated, and has definitely caused some controversy.


In the last week or so the news came out that Dr. McDonald intends to host T.D. Jakes on the next panel discussion. When I first read this, I immediately wondered what the context of a discussion with Jakes would be. Jakes is an open prophet and promoter of the Word of Faith heresy and he affirms the equally heretical oneness or Modalist doctrine, whose basic tenets includes a denial of the holy Trinity and that salvation must include speaking in tongues and you must be baptized by immersion and in the name of Jesus only.


My other initial thought was would those involved in the Elephant Room discussions be star-struck by Jakes and melt in awe in his celebrity and thusly be hesitant to ask tough questions. I have seen it time and time again especially when a situation involves Rick Warren or Joel Osteen. It seems that when someone sells a few books or chalks up “big numbers” in a churches attendance, then they become immune to hardball questions.


My main concern is will the Elephant Room group appease T.D. Jakes and buddy-up with him, or will they be bold and direct in defense of the Gospel and call Jakes to account for his heresy and call on him to repent?

Here is a very informative post from Apprising Ministries with more background and detail on this issue:


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The “you’ve got to be kidding” moment of the week

Dallas-based, Southern Baptist-when-he-feels-like-it pastor Ed Young, Jr., spoke at his C3 Conference the other day on the subject of honor. Young always seems to pick the best choice of words to make his points (I say sarcastically)….

Just as a sick person becomes a carrier of the flu virus, he said, Christians, likewise, who receive God’s unmerited grace become carriers of “charis” or grace…

“Honor is a feng shui of faith. Order effects outcome. Disorder leads to disarray,” he pointed out. (My note…for those of you that do not know what feng shui is, it’s is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive qi. In other words a pagan practice.”

“Because of the Lord,” he repeated. “Our God is a God of honor. We are carriers of his grace. Let’s bring honor back. Too often the church’s structure is about dishonor rather than honor. The church is structured many times to expose the wolves instead of protecting the shepherd,” he added.

The “AHA” moment is that while Young talks about honor and being honorable, his speakers for the C3 Conference include T.D. Jakes, a Oneness Pentecostal and one who denies the Trinity and believes that one must speak in tongues, be baptized in water and in the name of Jesus only…or you are lost.

Another speaker in Word of Faith starlet and heretic Joyce Meyer, who among her many erroneous doctrines, teaches that we are all gods and that we can have the same nature and creative abilities of God.

Ed Young, Jr. has time and time again aligned himself with false teachers like Meyer and Jakes. Young is the last person that should be talking about honor.

Repent and Cry out to God for mercy!

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Apostasy, Inc.

False teachers Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes join forces to spread more of their error. Listen folks…no matter how much fun it is, how matter good the music is, no matter how accepted it is in the mainstream culture….wrong is wrong, and what these men are teaching IS NOT the Gospel!


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