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Obama and same-sex marriage…Andy Stanley and homosexuality…Dispensationalism and Israel

Mike examines and comments on several issues including Barack Obamas admission that he supports same-sex marriage; the controversy involving Atlanta pastor Andy Stanley and homosexuality and the recent article by Albert Mohler calling Stanley to account; and a brief comment on the subjects of dispensationalism and Israel which includes an audio clip by John MacArthur.

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Theology 101-Hedonism

The Hedonist declares Christ a fool for accepting unnecessary pain, and not seekingpleasure. Christianity sees pleasure differently and seeks to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. On this program, Mike and Pastor Scott Reiber in their Theology 101 series on Worldviews, with a study on the philosophy of Hedonism, or as the world describes it ‘if it feels good, do it”.

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More Osteen…Tim Tebow..Dracula Bible Study..and more

Mike look sat several topics from the week in news, including

  • Albert Mohler asks if Joel Osteen knows better or just doesn’t care
  • Detroit Lions players mocking of Tim Tebow
  • An author has written a bible study program using Dracula as the base
  • and…heretic nut Todd Bentley tells all fo us dummies how to open heaven

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