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ER2 and the Race Card

Mike and Scott Reiber discuss an interview by James McDonald with three African-American pastors concerning the recent Elephant Room 2 forum, and in particular the issues surrounding the inclusion of T.D. Jakes, including audio clips from the interview. Its is about race or truth, black and white, or sheep and goats?

Plus, commentary on the hideous event involving Eddie Long and his being crowned ‘king”.

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What is the Heresy of Oneness Pentecostalism?

It’s called Oneness Pentecostalism, Jesus Name Only, Apostolic and Modalism, but what is this doctrine? What does it really teach? Is it orthodox Christianity, or a cult? In this encore program Mike examines the teachings of Modalism including that of one of its more prominent contemporary proponents T.D. Jakes.

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More Osteen…Tim Tebow..Dracula Bible Study..and more

Mike look sat several topics from the week in news, including

  • Albert Mohler asks if Joel Osteen knows better or just doesn’t care
  • Detroit Lions players mocking of Tim Tebow
  • An author has written a bible study program using Dracula as the base
  • and…heretic nut Todd Bentley tells all fo us dummies how to open heaven

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Osteen, Mormons and Elephants…Oh My!

Mike discusses some recent issues including Joel Osteens answering some “hot topics”….Mormonism in the news again and the lack of courage by some to call it what it is… the obcession by many and some Christians with the occult…and the controversy surrounding The Elephant Room and T.D. Jakes…

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