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Classic Audio! | Lockridge,MacArthur, Begg & Duncan

From time to time on The Mike Corley Program Mike would have a “audio spring cleaning”, sharing some classic and meaningful audio clips that he shared many times, share them one more time before putting them in the archives. In this broadcast he shared that classic sermon “That’s My King” by the wonderful preacher Dr. SM Lockridge; a portion of an interview with Dr. Ligon Duncan on the greatest challenge facing the church today; John MacArthur on why the Apostle Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel; and Alistair Begg’s moving message “What Color is Your Robe?” Enjoy these stirring classic sound clips!

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The Jesus You Can’t Ignore | What You Must Learn from the Bold Confrontations of Christ

“These days, Jesus is often portrayed as a pacifist, a philanthropist, or a docile teacher. He strikes a plastic—and sometimes pathetic—pose in the minds of many. Some prefer the meek and mild Jesus who heals the sick, calms fears, and speaks of peace and goodwill. These things do represent a portion of the Messiah. But tragically, too many have never been exposed to the rest of him. They have never seen a full 360-degree view of the Savior. Until now.”

Like an investigative journalist on a mission, best-selling author and teacher John MacArthur walks through the gospel records and shows you a remarkable and compelling picture of the Jesus you can’t ignore. In this classic episode of The Mike Corley Program, Mike shares an interview between Grace to You Executive Director Phil Johnson and author of the book John MacArthur. Get a copy of the book at Grace to You.

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The Truth War | Interviewing John MacArthur

In this second classic interview with John MacArthur, Mike and Dr. MacArthur talk about his book The Truth War: Fighting for Certainty in an Age of Deception:

“Right now, truth is under attack, and it’s going on within the boundaries of evangelicalism. There’s a lot at stake and there’s no middle ground—no safe zone for the uncommitted in this war.

John MacArthur has written this book to unveil the enemy’s tactics and equip you to fight. Here’s what you’ll learn

•The pitfalls of postmodern thinking.
•The inherent flaws of the Emerging Church Movement.
•The historic skirmishes in the truth war and their effect on the contemporary church.
•The vital importance of truth and certainty in a postmodern age. “

Original Airdate-April 2007

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Hard to Believe | Interviewing John MacArthur

In this classic interview, Mike visited with Dr. John MacArthur about his book Hard to Believe, as one description put it:

“…unflinching, unapologetic treatise on the modern tendency to alter the true message of Christianity in order to meet the whims and desires of a culture hoping for nonconfrontational messages, easy answers, and superficial commitments.

Too many people just want a Madison Avenue Jesus to make them well, make them happy, and make them prosperous. But Jesus Christ isn’t a personal genie. He is the Savior. He died in agony to satisfy the wrath of a holy God and to forgive the sins of humankind. Faith in Him demands a willingness to make any sacrifice He asks. The hard truth about Christianity is that the cost is high, but the rewards are priceless: abundant and eternal life that comes only from faithfully follwing Christ.”

Original Airdate-January 2006

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MacArthur and the Premillennialist View

Several years ago, Dr. John MacArthur gave a sermon to a Shepherds Conference on the subject of why a self respecting Calvinist should be a premillenialist. The sermon caused a great controversy, one which continues to this day. I offer this program to you knowing that Dr. MacArthur can better articulate this issue, of which I am in agreement with.

You can download the entire sermon and the transcript at the Grace to You website at

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The MacArthur Interviews

Mike shares two classic and highly relevant interviews he conducted with Dr. John MacArthur each dealing with two of his most important and popular books, Hard to Believe and The Truth War. These interviews continue to be downloaded but we offer them again for those who may have never heard them.

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What is Saving Faith?

Many people say they are Christians, yet they never show evidence of what the Bible says is the fruit of salvation. On this program, Mike shares clips from Dr. John MacArthur, from his series on The Gospel According to Jesus. What is the Gospel? Are works important in salvation? What is the complete gospel message? (Original broadcast date 20 August 2008)

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