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Dr. Voddie Baucham | Family Driven Faith

Mike shares another classic interview with Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., discussing his book Family Driven Faith:Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God. In it Dr. Baucham shares how to equip Christian parents with the tools they need to raise children biblically in a post-Christian, antifamily society. Family Driven Faith is an urgent call to parents—and the church—to return to biblical discipleship in and through the home.

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Voddie Baucham’s revelation


However, neither of these constituted fatal infractions.  I co-sponsored an education in 2004, but preached at the SBC in 2005.  I stood against YM for years and while many were uncomfortable, I was still part of the gang.  That is, until I came out of the closet.  No… I’m not gay. It’s far worse than that.  I’m a Calvinist!  That’s right, I’m a fire-breathing, TULIP believing, five-point Calvinist.  That, my friends, is the unpardonable sin in contemporary Southern Baptist life (unless your name is Al Mohler and you’ve been President of the flagship Southern Baptist Theological Seminary since you were in your early thirties and happen to be the most intelligent, articulate, winsome public face the Convention has). 


I was ‘outed’ in 2006 when I preached at the Desiring God National Conference.  Prior to that I had preached at Alistair Begg’s conferences, but Desiring God was the fatal blow.  After that the questions began to swirl.  After preaching a message in a Pastor’s conference in 2006 a dear friend approached me (he is a well-known Calvinist whose name I won’t mention… TOM ASCOL …and I was going to be preaching in his church the next day).  He was laughing about a debate he overheard between two pastors.  The issue?  Whether or not I believed regeneration precedes faith!  These brothers had begun to put two and two together but they just knew it couldn’t be four.  It was as though I had contracted AIDS.  These guys were actually mourning!  “I had him in my church!” one of them lamented.  I could have done a lot of things and been just fine.  However, the dreaded “C” word has become a death sentence in “mainstream”


Southern Baptist life.  Some may say that’s not it at all.  Perhaps I’m simply too  controversial, or vitriolic.  Really?  Then explain Ergun Caner (whom, by the way, I consider a friend even though we differ on this issue).  Caner has been on of the most vitriolic voices in recent SBC history.  However, his vitriol has been pointed at the enemy, Calvinism.  Jerry Vines called the Prophet Mohammad a “Demon-possessed pedophile” and brought scorn on the entire Convention, but he hosts conferences with some of the top names and institutions in the SBC.  Jerry Fallwell made a career out of vitriol and controversy and the SBC gave him the Keys to the Kingdom when he joined.  No, I don’t think vitriol is my crime.  My crime is being a part of a movement the SBC sees as a threat to evangelism, and our already declining baptismal numbers. 


Calvinists can be an easy target when it comes to evangelism and baptism.  Never mind names like Augustine of Hippo, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Adonirum Judson, William Carey, Charles Spurgeon,  Richard Baxter, Matthew Henry, John Bunyan, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, Arthur Pink, Boyce, Andrew Fuller, Luther Rice, J.L. Dagg, Daniel & Abraham Marshall, D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, J.I. Packer, Ian Murray, D.A. Carson, John Piper, James White, Tom Nettles, Tom Schriner, Tom Ascol, Timothy George, Mark Dever, and Al Mohler.  The strawman (who doesn’t believe in evangelism because he believes in election) that was beaten about the head and shoulders at the John 3:16 Conference is a much easier target.  Can you imagine that conference with the living members of the aforementioned list sitting there defending themselves?  I’d pay a pretty penny to see that! 


Instead, guys like White get hammered for not believing in evangelism while out doing evangelism!  Good thing we’re protecting the Convention from the likes of him.  If not we might start having bus tours with slogans like “Everyone Can”.  Convention leaders with churches that boast memberships of 10,000 when their actual attendance (resident, participating, regenerate, ‘real’ members) is well under 2,000.  Or fire engine baptistries to coax children into the sacred waters (Paige Patterson called this “blasphemy” right before calling Southern Baptists “some of the worst paedo-baptizers there are”).  If we don’t rid ourselves of guys like White, we may end up adding a category in our baptismal reports for “Under Age 6,”  or have a pastor join the Youth Ministry at the beach and have himself and staff ‘re-baptized’ in an effort to ‘prime-the-pump’ and get the baptismal numbers up for the annual beach retreat (true story!).  Or who knows, if the likes of James White are not stopped, we may have non-Trinitarians like T.D. Jakes come and teach at our conferences


Of course anyone paying attention knows these atrocities are actual occurrences in our beloved Convention and they are the types of things Calvinists (like White) bemoan.  Moreover, our Arminian and Amyraldian brethren also despise these things (funny how people berate Calvinists for “following doctrine named for a man” when the various other positions are named for men as well).  Unfortunately,  they don’t despise these atrocities  quite as much as they despise Calvinism.  So where does that leave me?  Still here.  Sill lovin’ the brethren.  Still holding to the Doctrines of Grace.  Still in the SBC.  No longer considering a future of any significance in the Convention.  Praying for reconciliation, revival and reformation.  Grieving over the status quo.  Still holding to the Fives!

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Voddie Baucham on the SBC and Calvinism

This clip comes from Christian Research Network

From Voddie Baucham Ministries:

Those who know me have probably asked me at one time or another why I am part of the Southern Baptist Convention.  To tell you the truth, I’ve been thinking that a lot myself lately.  I am especially disturbed by events at the recent John 3:16 conference sponsored by Jerry Vines Ministries, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Luther Rice Seminary and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

The conference represents a growing antagonism in Southern Baptist life toward those who embrace the Doctrines of Grace.  Unfortunately, this conference lacked some of the the balance and tact of the Building Bridges Conference.  See critiques here, here, and here.  The last link is especially revealing since James White was labeled a hyper-Calvinist while he was in London pressing the claims of Christ among Muslims!  Hyper-Calvinist?  “You keep using that word… I do not think it means what you think it means.” (Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride)  

For a ‘lighter’ take on things look here.  I only post this because I have been bombarded with questions as to where I am in this ‘fight’. Of course, it is not much of a fight.  The SBC establishment is firmly and openly anti-Calvinist.  There is no question about that.  There is but one question…

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Family Driven Faith

Mike interviews Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. on his book Family Driven Faith-Doing What is takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God. More teens are turning away from the faith than ever before: it is estimated that 75 to 88% of Christian teens walk away from Christianity by the end of their freshman year of college. Something must be done. Family Driven Faith equips Christian parents with the tools they need to raise children biblically in a post-Christian, anti-family society. Voddie Baucham, who with his wife has overcome a multi-generational legacy of broken and dysfunctional homes, shows that God has not left us alone in raising godly children. He has given us timeless precepts and principles for multi-generational faithfulness, especially in Deuteronomy 6. God’s simple command to Moses to teach the Word diligently to the children of Israel serves as the foundation of Family Driven Faith.

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The Supremacy of me….or God?

In the world today, it is the value of a person that seemingly takes precedence over the value of God. “Pulling myself by my own bootstraps” is the mantra of the day. Sadly, in the church, it seems this philosophy is dominant as well, relaying more on our efforts, that the will and purpose of the sovereign God. Today’s broadcast features great audio clips from Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer and John Piper.


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